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Help! How can I get the new LinkedIn profile design?


A couple of months ago, LinkedIn redesigned its standard look and feel for online profiles.


You might have seen some of your connections’ profiles looking a little different to yours and wondered what was going on.


The new LinkedIn look and feel


The new LinkedIn design features a larger profile picture, a smaller profile grey box, cleaner formatting and a lot of deceptively minor-seeming changes that, frankly, we love.


How do I get one?


Unfortunately, even though we love the new look and feel, and want all of our clients to enjoy it straight away, LinkedIn is rolling this out progressively.


This means you can’t just opt to change your LinkedIn profile design.


But on the plus side, you won’t need to do anything for your profile design to change – it will change when LinkedIn changes it for you.


Why can’t I opt in or out of the new design?


Part of the strength of LinkedIn is in its consistent design across all profiles.


This uniformity allows readers to navigate through any given profile intuitively, and removes any distraction from your content.


For example, if you can remember MySpace, (you're probably over 25), you’ll note the vastly different viewer experience between sites like MySpace and LinkedIn.


While you wait …


While you’re waiting for your LinkedIn profile design to change over, why not let us look over your content?


For a free health check of your LinkedIn profile, drop us a line here.


by Edward Grant