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LinkedIn for marketing a small business

LinkedIn is a great tool for company and individual profiling.

The majority of our clients engaging us to write their resumes also engage us to write their LinkedIn profiles for them.

I have a small business – how can LinkedIn help me?

Your LinkedIn profile can help your small business in many ways.

Networking on LinkedIn

If you’ want to actively network on LinkedIn, you could join industry groups and actively participate in online discussions.

It’s also a great touch point for contacts you may only meet in passing. While business cards are lost and phone contact lists can be wiped from time to time, LinkedIn keeps you in reach of any of your contacts should they want to do business with you.

Golden references

Another very important aspect of LinkedIn that many small businesses overlook is the power of a recommendation on LinkedIn.

You may have testimonials on your website, and reviews on local business directories. Even if these are 100% legitimate, viewers tend to only half believe these, as there is typically no way to verify these glowing recommendations.

However, on LinkedIn a recommendation comes attached to a public profile – to a real person, whose connections and photo can be viewed publicly.

This is in many ways as good as giving a consumer the means to directly contact a previous client or employee.

Want to use LinkedIn to market your small business?

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