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Need more people to vouch for you? LinkedIn is on the case


The nifty new feature on LinkedIn 


LinkedIn recently introduced a new Skill Endorsement feature. You may have seen something like this in your LinkedIn newsfeed:


“24 people have been endorsed for their skills and expertise.”


Skills Endorsement – what is it?


In addition to allowing users to provide Recommendations for their connections, the Skill Endorsement feature allows a much quicker, fuss free way to vouch for those you’ve seen in action.


How to endorse skills on LinkedIn


Simple. It almost couldn’t be any simpler. If you scroll down one of your connection’s profiles, you’ll find their Skills and Expertise section.


Here you’ll find a list of your connection’s self listed skills and expertise.


Hover over any of these skills and click to ‘Endorse’ – and you’re away!


Why we think this is cool


The simplicity of the click-to-endorse is a lot easier than providing a formal public recommendation.


You’re going to get a lot more hits on click-to-endorse than recommendations that your contacts have to draft from scratch.


Another reason we like this feature a lot


It allows for a lot more finely targeted marketing. Your endorsed skills allow LinkedIn to serve up ads that are relevant to your skills and expertise.


For instance, if you were endorsed for ‘solutions architecture’, expect to see ads relevant to solutions architecture when you’re browsing around the site.


How’s your LinkedIn profile looking? Or more accurately, how is your LinkedIn profile making you look?


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