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Nursing shortage - but where are the jobs? Part I - Graduate Nurses

Australia faces the risk of an alarming shortage of qualified nurses by 2025, according to a report commissioned for state and federal governments.


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It’s no news to anyone that we, just like the UK and the USA, are short on nurses.


It would then seem natural that nurses, being in such scarce supply, should have no trouble finding a job. Right? Not entirely.


Finding a graduate nursing job


If you’re a graduate nurse, you can expect to find stiff competition for the roles in the better-known teaching hospitals.  


In metropolitan areas in particular, you can expect your application is going to be up against a high volume of competing candidates. These candidates are likely to have similar work placements, and a similar level of community/part-time work experience as you.


So how do you distinguish yourself as a stand-out nursing graduate? Advice from our professional resume writers / selection criteria writers


Of course, listing details of your clinical placements, and your observed/precepted skills goes without saying. Further to this, however, a well put together application includes a graduate nursing resume that is both well written and well presented. This will go a long way in helping you stand out from your graduating class.


In addition to your professional resume, your application should also include a strong graduate nurse cover letter. Though you’ll be in a rotation in your first year as a graduate nurse, it can still help to refer briefly to the field you see yourself moving into.


Employers understand that you may change your field of interest as time passes - that’s one of the key benefits of a graduate nurse rotation. But as with any job application it works to your benefit to give the impression that you know your goals, and are focused on reaching them.


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by Edward Grant