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Resume services and why you need them

Resumes – you can write them yourself, right?


Sure. The question is whether you're going to get a good result. 

Let’s compare a resume service to a couple of other things you would typically engage a professional for.

Things you shouldn’t do yourself:


·       Your tax return

·       Draw up a contract

·       Rewire your house

Things you could do yourself but probably shouldn’t if you want a good result:


·       Website development

·       Online marketing

·       Portrait photography


Resume and selection criteria writing comes somewhere in between these two groups.

Like drafting a legal contract or filing your tax return, you can write your resume yourself. But you’re probably missing out on important elements that are going to really disadvantage you professionally.

Still, the vast majority of people write their own resumes. And do a decent enough job that they'll eventually move up the ranks.

But for those who aren’t happy with just 'decent enough' when it comes to their careers, a resume service can really provide specialist expertise that can give a candidate an edge over their competitors.

Before many of our clients discover our resume service, they don’t realise that a) that there are professional writers on the market that offer specialist resume services; and b) the value that a professional resume service can offer.

Often it takes many people a lot of rejected applications to come to the realisation that their application documents, be they a resume, cover letter or selection criteria response, are letting them down.

Don’t wait until you’re knocked back so many times it’s obvious you need help.

Save yourself the time and effort, and contact us to discuss our resume services with a specialist resume writer.