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Top 3 Tips for Executive Resumes


Executives – we love them!


Of all of our clients, some of the most interesting to work with are our executive clients.


Why we love writing executive resumes


Our executive clients are articulate, efficient and well organised. Often they have unconventional backgrounds.


They are often excellent writers, but are invariably time poor. They recognise the intrinsic benefit in engaging specialist suppliers, in our case, expert professional resume writers.


From the perspective of a professional resume writer, our executive clients are often our most challenging, and most enjoyable to work with.


Complex content, often completely unique structures and technical precision are essential to a strong executive resume.


Our three top tips for executive resumes


  1. Be short, sharp, authoritative


At the executive level, when you’re putting yourself forward for a job, you’re auditioning your readers and interviewers as much as they’re auditioning you. You want to appear interested, but not desperate.


How does this translate into your executive resume? The critical message to put across in your resume is confidence. Submitting pages, upon pages of detailed content does not put across confidence.


  1. Senior roles call for high-level statements


Don’t get bogged down in too much detail. Detail, at your level, is clutter.


Your content should focus on your notable achievements and your high-level responsibilities. You can nix responsibilities that are going to be assumed by your audience.


  1. Get on LinkedIn


With the amount of executive search that’s happening on LinkedIn nowadays, you are expected to have a LinkedIn profile. This is true whether you’re actively jobseeking or not.


LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing tool that deserves your attention as much as your executive resume. Your profile can be drafted and optimised to help you rank better on executive searches.


Your profile content should strike the right tone – potentially open to offers, but not actively jobseeking.


And while LinkedIn offers you the option of uploading your executive resume for an automatic generation of your LinkedIn profile content, we really don’t recommend this. Your profile content should not read like a resume.


For more information on your executive LinkedIn profile, drop us a line here.


Our (admittedly slightly cheeky) most important advice to all our executive readers


Call in the experts.


You wouldn’t tackle your own tax return, why dabble in guesswork for your professional resume?


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