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WA Government hiring freeze

For any of our jobseeking clients considering targeting WA Government roles, please note this announcement: 
On 21 December 2015 the WA Government announced an immediate sector wide external recruitment freeze that is to apply to all agencies and positions across the general government sector. 
This freeze will mean that, for general government agencies, vacant positions may only be filled by existing employees within the general government public sector by transfer, secondment or acting until 30 June 2016 (unless an exemption is granted by the Treasurer).
Please refer to each advertisement for information about who may apply. Queries regarding eligibility to apply for advertised vacancies are to be directed to the nominated contact person for each advertised vacancy.
Jobseekers who applied for vacancies before the commencement of this freeze are advised to contact the relevant agency for further details in relation to their application.
What should I do as a jobseeker until 30 June 2016? 
If you are already in a government role you should be paying special attention to intranet/email bulletins and job alerts to keep informed of any internally advertised vacancies for non-ongoing opportunities. 
If you are currently in a non-ongoing role with the WA Government that ends before the freeze period, we recommend speaking with your manager about finding internally advertised vacancies. 
You may want to also consider applying for any WA-based federal or local government roles, and opportunities in the private sector.
Typically secondments, transfers and acting opportunities require a short Expression of Interest (EOI) that is less formal than for an externally advertised role. 
For help with your EOI, contact our friendly Client Managers Cassie and Pam at 
info@metroresumes.com.au or give us a call on 1300 608 211.