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Want to live longer? Change your job.



Staying in an unfulfilling job may be shortening your life. According to a study conducted at the University of Aberdeen job satisfaction is the most critical factor for life satisfaction and wellbeing.


“We found that satisfaction with the amount of leisure, with environment and with housing come last in the pecking order of happiness and wellbeing,” said Professor Theodossiou of the University. “Career fulfilment provides workers with the means to maintain life satisfaction according to our results.”


Wages were considered to have a fundamental impact on job satisfaction in all the countries studied, with higher wages bearing a significant positive effect.


Generally permanent roles were preferred by those studied and employees were less comfortable with uncertainty and hours determined by their employers.


Another finding is that the vast majority of employees have a strong desire for early retirement at 55 to 60. These types of plans are becoming increasingly less common as the retired population grows.


Many people spend more time at work than with their friends and family so it’s no surprise that job satisfaction is the one of the most important factors for general life satisfaction. 



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