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You’re on LinkedIn… but are you linked in?


Australian companies using social media for recruitment are on the rise, and fast. Click here for a white paper from national recruitment agency Randstad, titled: Social Media – a Recruitment Revolution?


LinkedIn, for obvious reasons, is the clear site of choice for recruitment via social media. Click here for some interesting 2011 figures for LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Profiles vs Professional Resumes


Many of our clients wonder why we offer LinkedIn profile writing services.


Most candidates assume their profile should essentially mirror the content in their professional resume.


As such, most copy and paste content from their professional resumes, perhaps with a little tweak here or there.


Why you need to pay attention to your profile


As your profile is published online, there are steps we can take to optimise it, i.e. to maximise your profile's visibility to prospective employers.


You want to make sure you rank highly when employers search for candidates in your field – whether you’re actively jobseeking or not.


Increasing visibility of your LinkedIn profile


Optimising your LinkedIn profile for maximum visibility involves a variety of elements.


Without getting overly technical, we work with our clients’ keywords, keyword density, meta data, vanity urls, job titles and publication settings.


This allows us to ensure that our clients can rank highly in recruitment searches, and that they are showing up in the right searches.


This also allows us to ensure that when our clients' new profiles are published, they’re not published in a way that makes it seem that they’re actively jobseeking (which could be a problem if their connections include current employers or colleagues).



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