Interview coaching - preparation can make all the difference

Interviews are daunting. But they don't have to be

If you're like most people, you don't look forward to job interviews.

This is probably because you don't know what to expect in your interview, you don't know what you'll say and you're anxious you'll say the wrong thing.

Preparing for your interview

Imagine if you could walk into your interview knowing who would be in the room, what kinds of questions you would be asked and the strongest possible answers to these questions.

Good preparation can help you overcome anxiety and greatly reduce mistakes in interviews.

Our interview coaches

Our coaches are highly experienced. From the organisation and role you're interviewing for, they can tell you who and what to expect in your interview. They can then coach you through ideal responses, and questions you can ask your interviewers.

Walk into your interview prepared and confident. Get in touch with one of our friendly experts for a chat today.

In addition to your interview, you may be required to undertake psychometric testing. This is typically a combination of personality and aptitude testing. Metro Resumes is partners with the Institute of Psychometric Coaching, a leading Australian specialist in candidate coaching for psychometric testing. For expert help with testing, find out more about the Institute of Psychometric Coaching HERE.

How we can help you

1) Quote for interview coaching (free)

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2) Expert coaching sessions and packages (for a fee)

We'll book you in with one of our expert government or private sector interview coaches for a coaching session or a package of sessions.

All coaching sessions can be conducted over the phone.

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