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Selection Criteria

How to win with Selection Criteria

What do I need to write in a Selection Criteria response?

Your response should demonstrate your capabilities against the selection criteria using specific examples from your experience.

Your examples need to address the specific wording of the criteria. They should also be clearly relevant to the duties you would be performing in the role you're applying for.

How will my selection criteria response be judged?

In most cases your application will be assessed by a selection panel.

The panel will score your application so it's important that you have a strong, relevant response to each and every criterion.

What response will give me the best chance of getting to interview?

The most successful responses fulfil all criteria with relevant, evidence-based claims.

It should strictly follow instructions about length and format, and conform with conventions of the government tier or sector you're applying to - e.g. federal/state/local, higher education, health or academia.

If you're finding it hard to make sense of the selection criteria for the job you really want, speak with one of our friendly writers today for an obligation free chat.

How we can help you

1) We'll give you a short assessment of the role and your chances (for free!)

We'll give you our (free) honest opinion on whether you'd be a strong contender for the role, based on your experience.

We want to make sure you don't waste your money on applications that won't go anywhere.

2) We can draft your selection criteria responses (for a fee)

If you have a good chance of securing the role and meet all the essential requirements, one of our specialist selection criteria writers can draft your response for you.

To avoid disappointment we are only able to offer this service to candidates with a high chance of success. Our selection criteria writers also book up in advance so please give us plenty of notice before the closing date for your application.

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