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Success Story 1: Michael (Federal Government)
Michael's Situation
Michael J. was an APS6 manager with a large Commonwealth Department.
Michael came to us looking for help with a state government job application. The role was one level higher than the state government equivalent to his current salary bracket.
Michael was required to submit a cover letter, resume and selection criteria response to four selection criteria.
We booked Michael in for a telephone interview with one of our senior government writers. This interview lasted roughly 1hr 20min.
During this interview, Michael and our senior government writer worked through:
  • Cover letter: Michael’s motivations for wanting to not only move up a level, but also move across to state government, and this department in particular;
  • Resume: though Michael is a strong communicator, he had stated his experience in general terms that didn’t put across what he had personally brought to his roles. He also hadn’t included specific initiatives and quantifiable results he had delivered that demonstrated what he was capable of as a leader; and
  • Selection criteria: as the criteria for this role were very broadly worded, Michael had found it difficult to know exactly what to discuss in his response. Together, Michael and our senior writer were able to discuss a variety of examples that demonstrated his capabilities, and decide which examples would best address each criterion, and come together to make a strong overall response.
The Result
We asked Michael about his experience with Metro Resumes.
1. Michael, what would have been an obstacle to consider when engaging our services?
2. What did you find as a result of engaging our services?
I was short listed for a job at a higher level than the job I am currently doing.
3. What specific feature did you like most about our services?
Prompt service, frank and open communication
4. What other benefits did our services offer?
Boosts confidence Ensures resume is up to date Gives an outsiders perspective on your capabilities
5. Would you recommend us? If so, why?
Yes - professional service that gets results
Success Story 2: Jennifer (Mining Sector)
Jennifer's Situation
With more than 20 years’ experience in mining, both as an operator and in office, Jennifer P. was seeking her next opportunity.
An extremely loyal staffer, she had been consistently recognised for her commitment to her work and her company. As a candidate, she had a great deal of expertise and energy to offer.
However, after hundreds of job applications (yes, hundreds) over the course of a year and a half, Jennifer was understandably exhausted and disheartened.
Working with a client such as Jennifer is always a wonderful experience for our writers. Jennifer is the classic overachieving candidate who is only held back by an inability to articulate achievements and confidently put across proven strengths. For us, it wasn’t at all a hard sell.

Within 3 applications with her new resume and cover letter, Jennifer secured an interview and has recently begun her new job.

The Result
We asked Jennifer about her experiences with Metro Resumes:
1. Were there any obstacles to your engaging us for your resume package?
Initially trying to find the outlay as it is expensive, also getting over my fear of not meeting someone face to face to talk to (at the time I didn’t realise you were over East – seems silly now).
2. What were the results of engaging our services for your resume package?
Within a short time a great job offer and renewed confidence in myself.
3. What did you like most about your experiences with Metro Resumes?
Friendly, easy to deal with, seemed to know what I was trying to say when I was stressed and made me feel like they had known me for a long time which put me at ease.
4. What are three other things you liked about our service and your finished resume package?
It is one thing to know what you do but it is a whole new ballpark when someone else can see what you do and put the polish on it - I admit to feeling rather strange when I first read my resume when sent the draft and thought I couldn’t be that good and showed an old boss and he said, it is really good but you are much better than that and you don’t see your own worth. That made me sit back and take a whole new look at everything. So thank you for helping me realise that also. Always received a reply in a decent time frame. It achieved results in a really short time frame which took the stress out of job hunting.
5. Will you be recommending Metro Resumes? If so, why?
Already have to numerous people, the service and results.
6. Is there anything else you'd like to add about your experience with Metro Resumes?
Just wanted to say a huge thank you and wish you all the best with your business and hope it goes from strength to strength.


Messages from Metro Resumes clients

Thank you for all your assistance you have been fantastic and I'm impressed.

- J.A. Team Leader, Sydney

This is fantastic, thank you so much. Great job.

- A.T., Creative Director, Sydney

The documents were wonderful and thank you. Hopefully, I get this job, if not now I know who to call. I am not very good in building people networks but I really felt comfortable with your attitude all along and thank you again.

- H.B., Radiologist, Western Sydney

Just to let you know that I've been shortlisted for an interview which is about two weeks away. Thank you for your assistance

- D.Y.P., EL1, Canberra

Resume and cover letters look great thank you for your hard work

-D.N. Engineer, Perth

Thank you very much for that! really happy with that.. they look really good :)

- S.Y. Graduate, Melbourne

You're a star. just got an email that I'm on the short list for the job

- A.R. International Director of Sales, Sydney

Thanks so much for this. It looks great and Im sure I'll find my dream job in no time at all.

- F.N., Event Coordinator, Sydney